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Last night was the premiere episode of Totally T-Boz and it did not disappoint. I was truly entertained as we all got to look into the life of T-Boz (Tionne Walkins) of TLC. The episode started with her introducing herself to us and giving some background on TLC as well as some of her own personal struggles. She had a brain tumor that took her vision, speech, and balance and went through a very public divorce. It was refreshing to see T-Boz in her own element but it will take some getting use to because I’m a big TLC fan.

Not only did we meet Tionne outside of the group but we met some of her family and friends too. There is her daughter Chase (she looks just like her dad), Chilli of course, brother Kayo and cousin Chris (both are very easy on the eyes), Tae-Tae who is like her assistant (she is crazy love her!), cousin Barb, and friend Tara that is also her personal shopper. They all seem to have a hand in making Tionne into the T-Boz we know and love. Tae-Tae is wild and crazy and just wants her cousin name out there. (Like we don’t know it already) When she received a call from a radio station saying they were having a no scrubs singing contest at the mall and wanted T-boz to appear she jumped on it. It was a really cool contest even though T-Boz was not feeling it at first but by the end she had a great time. Another wild personality was Tara and I can tell why they’re friends. Honestly though she rubbed me the wrong way. Her saying “I’ll tell you if you have an ugly baby” I really didn’t like that because I believe no baby is ugly. Not only that I also wonder what she considers attractive in men because Mack 10 is very handsome. I did get my life when Tae Tae read her for responding to a question she asked Tionne. She says “I’m not talking to you I was talking to T-boz” lol!.  This is the first episode so I will give Tara another chance.

All episode we have heard T-Boz say she wants to be a solo artist and not just a member of TLC, and she been pushing it back for years. (That’s why she moved after all) The only problem is that the group’s 20th anniversary is coming up and she’s being told by their manager that should be a main priority. Then the news of going solo hasn’t been broken to Chilli. She makes it clear that this time her solo career will come first. When she and Chilli are asked to make a cameo in a TLC tribute Waterfalls video done by the group Stooshe; it is the perfect opportunity to break the news to Chilli since she’ll be flying in from Atlanta. We don’t get to that part until end of the episode when Chilli is about to leave for home. They sit and Chilli is going on and on about how excited she is about going tour and writing new songs. That’s when she is hit with a bomb that TLC will not be the only main priority for T-boz. At that point, she makes it clear that she’s not happy and that it should be the only priority because she also put things on hold for the group too. In the end they agree to disagree.

Overall, I love this show and will continue to watch. We got to see T-Boz in the studio and meeting with producers so the music is coming! I can’t wait! The show airs Tuesday at 8/7 c on TLC.

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