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        Another show that came on Tuesday on TLC for the first time is The Sisterhood. The show follows 5 ladies Ivy, Tara, Domonique, DeLana, and Christina; as they are dealing with being the first lady of the church and wife of a pastor. Yes, they are all really married to pastors even though not all of them have their own church, but they are qualified to lead a church if needed. I knew the show would be fire but I had no clue it would burn me! It gave me so much life and I was sitting on the edge of my seat! These ladies gave it all on a platter and we had no choice but to take it.

            We start the episode off meeting Christina and he husband Anthony who have their own church that very successful. I think of them as the funny couple because they had me laughing all night. Anthony made it clear that boys or having boyfriend to their daughters, Jasena and Jade, was off limits. He even went so far as to pull out a banana and condom to show them how to put it on. Christina chimed in letting them know that men can bumps and warts on their private area, but "she couldn't inspect the weenies for them" The girls then got history lesson from their dad about how in the past he caught stds not from unprotected sex but from not wearing protection  correctly. Their faces when he said I will get you condoms if needed was priceless I laughed till I cried he totally ruined bananas for them! I could actually appreciate the lesson because we don't see that these days. Parents taking time to not only talk to their kids about it but show them how to be safe. The realness of the situation stuck with me. Those two might have strict rules but their eyes are wide open when it comes to issues teenagers might face.

            After that was Tara and her husband Brian whom just moved to Atlanta for fresh start. Tara appears to be the this tall, health nut, body builder, quoting the Bible every 5 seconds, long weave, too much make-up wearing princess Barbie. Brian on the hand is fit like his wife, but he is way shorter and it looks like Tara could throw him across the room if she was angry enough. I like them because Brian has a weird personality and they're like an open book, maybe a little too open. At the dinner, with other wives and husbands they shared some of their problem as a interracial couple. His parents didn't approve of him marring an African-American Christian woman. Even though him and his father are on speaking terms he still refuses to meet their 3 small children. Her mother also disapprove of him being a Caucasian Jewish man ( Not to mention her mom dates outside her race too, I don't get it.)even though he's a Christian now. I'm not sure about that because Brian made a lot of Jewish remarks that made heads turn at that dinner table. Then we were taken into their life before they moved. "You not married until the cops come to your house" Brian said so I'm guessing they had physical trouble with the in-laws before. It was also shared that they really had no friend or family and Brian had been fired from the last church he worked. Now all of that was a bit much to share when just meeting everybody, but notice they left out why he was fired. Like I said I like them but something is up. A person has to do a whole hell of a lot to get kick out of God's house. Tara gave a brief explanation, but I'm not buying he was let go for a small thing like his wife removing her shoes during worship. Come on now! She reminds me of Jackie from BBWLA delusional

            Ivy let viewers into her home next. She's a former member of Xscape (I don't remember her, but ok.) and her husband name is Mark. They have their own church and a beautiful son who is a toddler. I appreciated the realness and how smooth her husband is lol! He was like I got a gift for you, and we all thinking is jewelry or something. Mark shocked the viewers when Ivy opened the gift and it was a pair of handcuffs. He went on to let his wife know he wanted her to wear those for him naked that night. Personally, I was not surprised it no secret how most preachers get down I'm just saying. Marriage should be spicy though.

            Now we move on to Domonique has 4 kids with husband Brian. The two had a church but had to close the doors due to financial trouble. She is my favorite so far; she is bold, her hair was layed out, and she wasn't afraid to talk about her past drug issues I loved it! The money issue put a strain on the couple's marriage, but they are working through it  The tour of Christina's church was hard for them to go through. Domonique's look screams high class church lady. We even saw how she had the church lady whisper down when Ivy was gossiping with her about what Tara and Brian revealed at dinner; since Domonique wasn't there. At that point she had to meet miss Tara, so she invited her over to her house along with Ivy to witness. Everything was going well until made one too many bible reference. That's when Domonique let her know a simple conversation didn't require a scripture every 2 seconds, Tara then told her she could quote Jesus whenever she wanted and she wasn't going to talk to her like that!(I see why her husband got fired) Ivy tried to chime in but it got heated from there. It's safe to say these two won't be getting along

Once again I will say this show is hot and so real. We didn't meet DeLana yet maybe she will be on next week's episode. Tune in Tuesdays at 9/8c because if you haven't you're missing out!

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