Thursday, November 1, 2012

JUST MY OPINION: Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo & Conditioner Review

During the time I was trying this product I was scared to put anything in my hair because I had gotten a relaxer a month before and my hair started to break. Yes, I had a relaxer before but this time it over processed a bit. My hair could not be washed, combed, or brushed without shedding. I actually had developed bald spots that were so embarrassing. The smell of it is what gave me courage to try it. The scent was light, fresh, and clean. A light fragrance is important because I have very sensitive skin.  Usually if a beauty product is easy on my skin I know it safe to use.

The samples came in two small packets; one with shampoo and the other with conditioner. I was so happy that it was total care meaning it would work on any type of hair. I have thick African-American hair (as I like to call it lol!) and it is difficult to find products that work. With my sensitive skin and texture of hair a product has to be on point to get my vote.

As I massage the shampoo in my scalp it felt so good I almost fell asleep! Now I will admit the sample was only enough for two washes, so I had to do the third with my normal shampoo. The Clear Scalp & Hair conditioner was applied afterwards and I immediately saw difference. The package the samples came in said it would take a week to see results but for me I notice a change in a day! I was able to comb through my hair without shedding. While my mom styled it she even said “this may be good to stop the breaking.” Yes, I know it works because I’m a wild sleeper and the next morning my hair still looked freshly done. Imagine the results I would get in a week!

I tend to wash my hair every two weeks and usually it would be so itchy with dandruff. It’s been a little bit over two weeks and that has been reduced dramatically. It does not just care for the hair but the scalp too. The only criticism I have is the scent only last a few hour after washing but the final results outweigh that. It is bit pricey for me, but this is now my primary  hair care treatment when I can get it. Anything that help my hair grow that fast deserves a billion stars.  This is another one you must go get it.  Your hair will never be the same.  They can be found on twitter @clearhair  , Facebook at , or their site at .


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