Saturday, October 27, 2012

JUST MY OPINION: Ben & Jerry's "What a cluster" Ice Cream Review

One thing I love is ice cream flavors that are inspired by other desserts. They tend to taste better than the original in my opinion, and I can get them without waiting 30 minutes for baking.  Peach Cobbler and Pumpkin Cheesecake are the Ben & Jerry flavors I live for! You can only imagine my thoughts when this peanut butter ice cream, with marshmallow and peanut butter swirls, and caramel clusters popped up in my local store recently.  FLUFFERNUTTER! It goes by the name “What a Cluster” but you get my point. Another classic dessert made into an ice cream flavor (and yes no cooking this either). I don’t know about you but, I add a little caramel to my peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches, so this hit home for me.

When I originally saw that it was peanut butter ice cream and swirls my thoughts were peanut butter overload. I even shared on twitter that it could use more caramel. Don't hold me to that thought because it was wrong. In a summary, this is more like childhood in a scoop; a combo of fluffernutter and caramel candy! When the lid is first open you see those swirls in that pale colored ice cream . The caramel clusters are hidden waiting for a spoon to dig in and I couldn't wait!

When I take my first bite of the ice cream the peanut butter is thick and rich in a good way. It's something that has to be savored because that is how peanut butter is.There was lots smacking lol! My favorite part of this experience was the clusters; they are small but kind of chewy and slightly crunchy. This is the part that make you feel like a kid chewing on your favorite caramel candy. When eaten with the ice cream they taste like salty caramel goodness. Personally, I ate the  whole half pint enough for four people but it's that good.

Overall, this is really great and yes run and go get it.  I will say though this should be enjoy a little at a time just because the peanut butter gets a bit excessive. Also all the peanut butter gets in the way of the marshmallow flavor but it's still very delicious. Now if you love these three flavor together this one is a winner.  If you aren't a Ben & Jerry's ice cream fan look them up at or on twitter at @benandjerrys .


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