Saturday, October 20, 2012

JUST MY OPINION: Nescafe Memento Review

If you are a fan of Nescafe coffee like I am you’ve already been daydreaming about receiving those samples of their latest and greatest Nescafe Memento product in the mail. Well that day came for me and for that reason I am now addicted to the stuff! (No shame in my game!)

When the samples came there were two flavors: Mocha and Caramel Latte. I had no choice but to try caramel since I am newly allergic to chocolate, but mocha didn’t go to waste my mom also tested it out with me. The thing I loved the most is the samples were actual real packages that you would get from the box if you brought them from the store. Not just a small sample to taste. You’re having a cup of coffee here, so you can curl up with a nice book to read and enjoy the drink. The directions stated place the contents of the package in a 10 oz. mug and add 8oz of hot (not boiling) water.  The content of the package I remember thinking this is a lot of coffee mix; I was nervous it wouldn’t dissolve. However, the show must go on so I heated the water a bit in the microwave, and yes it dissolved amazingly. Now when I say this next thing don’t be alarmed, but it foams. Yes, it foams just like an overpriced coffee house drink! The fact that I can have that affect just by adding hot water, at home, use my own coffee mug makes it so cool! It’s not just one of those one-minute foams either. You can actually tell it’s really creamy and frothy. I almost didn’t want to drink it because it looked so beautiful but who am I kidding. The first sip was love in a mug; lightly sweetened, warm, and with a hint of caramel flavor. The love affair began from there. I drank it in five minutes tops.  My brain went into the “must have more” mode, so I sent my sister to the nearest store with the Nescafe coupon and got a whole box of the Caramel Latte.

Let’s be honest it is impossible to give a proper review after downing it within five minutes. That gave me the perfect excuse to try it again! Sadly, I had to wait to the next day because I easily overdose on things I like and my body will make me pay for it. After a long wait I gave it a second try, but actually savored it this time. One thing I notice is it taste the exact way I like my coffee. Usually with lots of cream and very little sugar is just perfect for me. It has replaced my usual coffee that’s for sure. Another thing that came to mind was using milk instead of water when I try it for a third time, but haven’t decided if it’s necessary since it’s so great without it. When I decide to get a little wild and crazy I might though.

I mentioned earlier my mom tried the mocha. Her exact words were and I quote: “Ooo this needs some fixing up.” This is what I expected mainly because she likes her coffee really sweet. There may be others out there that agree with her, but you have to think about what memento means. Kind of like a small token of something, and this is exactly what this drink is: A small token of flavor in every cup. Keep that in mind when you try it!

This coffee gets like a million stars from me! Don’t walk, run and get some of this. It will save you a drive to the coffee house and a few dollars for your piggy bank. My only suggestion is that Nescafe make other flavors like French vanilla, hazelnut, pumpkin pie or even Italian cream for those of us who can’t have chocolate. It’s always nice to have options you know.  Now if you have not heard or just don’t know what Nescafe coffee or their new Nescafe Memento brand is look them up on Facebook, Twitter, or your local grocery store.

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